With all the exciting things involved in building a new home, doors and windows can sometimes be overlooked. Most of us don’t take time to check what type of doors or windows we have included in our building contract and we never ask ourselves what door profiles or window style are available to us.

Quite often we don’t ask these questions because we either don’t know we have the right to make these changes or we just simply assume we have to go with what’s been specified by our builder. This, my friends is incorrect!

You have the right to make these changes to your home design if you wish. However, remember that the best time request a structural change is prior to signing your building contracts. If you have already signed your contract but haven’t had your building prestart meeting yet, you may still have a chance as long as the builder isn’t yet on site. Please be warned, if you make any changes after contract signing, most likely a fee would be attached to the change.

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If you are not sure how to check doors and windows when reviewing working drawings, here is a few tips I have put together for you;


Check the direction of openings in every room. Consider what direction the door swings and how it will affect your furniture placement. Do you want a hinged door or sliding door to save space? That’s an important point to consider especially for smaller spaces.

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Do you have a door or an opening? Pay close attention to your floor plan. Most people assume every room will have a door, Wrong! Sometimes all you have is an opening. This is something that’s missed so much and often gets picked up too late when the home is almost complete, leaving people very unhappy. So be sure to check if you have an actual door or just an opening in every room.

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Do you have awning or sliding windows? You will be surprised how important this question is to think about. Think about how you use your space and who will use the space. Do you have kids and are concerned about safety? Then awning windows may be a great choice for you. On the other hand, sliding windows have better ventilation and provide great access.

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Have you made any changes to your floor plan? Leave me a comment below and let me know what changes you made and why. Looking forward to hearing from you.