You have been given a FREE upgrade by your builder. Your upgrade would be;

Which of the following statements best describes your home?

It's Saturday morning, the sun is shining, where are you?

What’s your favourite car?

You are hosting lunch at home for a few friends. What on the menu?

It’s time to plan a holiday – where would the travel bug take you?

Pick an architectural detail for your living room;

You have $1000 to spend on artwork. What would you buy?

On Pay day, you;

You want your home to feel;

Your friends would say your life motto is;

What's your design style?
Modern Coastal
You are a coastal babe and your interior style is all about keeping things light and breezy. Your perfect home interior is crisp white, layered with shades of barely there blues, washed out timber floors with hints of grey. You draw inspiration from the sea, sand, shells and the sky, so your ideal space should have lots of open space and natural light. Your style is understated and provides a feeling of relaxation. You want a home that gives you that dreamy feeling you get when you walk along a sandy beach in the sunshine listening to the sounds of the lapping waves.
Classic Hamptons
If people were places, you would be the Hamptons baby! Your interior style is crisp yet relaxed, coastal yet classic. You are a sophisticated type of girl, your ideal home has natural textures, shaker style cabinetry, glass pendant lights and lots of architectural detail. You like the finer things in life and the furniture pieces in your home will be oversized and comfortable. White, neutrals and blues inspire will be your go to colours, although a touch of grey and black will elevate this classic style. Your floors will be white washed timber, layered with a textured or subtly patterned rug to ground your Hamptons home.
Industrial Minimalist
Open plan living, raw concrete floors, exposed air-conditioning ducts and ceiling beams are just a few design elements that make you fall in love with a space. You are a straight shooter, an open book, a say it like it is type of girl and your interior style is no exception. You are an industrial minimalist! You want your interiors fully exposed rather than concealed. Stripped back walls showing rugged bricks, raw surfaces or recycled objects create a visual delight for you. Your home style draws inspiration from places like down town New York where old warehouses have been transformed into high end apartments. A mixture of textures and materials will and add a touch of warmth to his cool and edgy style.
Eclectic Bohemian
You are my type of girl! Inspired by the unconventional nomadic way of living, your home style is eclectic and what I like to call boho chic. Your free forming style is complex because no rules of design apply to it. It is created purely by layering sentimental things that you have collected throughout your life. Your ideal home will have your collection on display; fabrics, books, art, mirrors, vintage pieces or travel memoirs, nothing will match anything – it’s not supposed to. The base design elements to creating your bohemian space are white walls, timber floors, earthy plants and vintage leather. In this chic chaos your bohemian style will emerge, blending in elements from different eras and cultures.