Picking the bricks that your home will be built in will be one of the most important selections you will have to make in your building journey. However, this decision can be a bit daunting because bricks are such a major and permanent purchase!! I mean once they are on, they are on. Forget about calling your builder for a reselection, there is no turning back. So, I guess the million dollar question is, how can you “fail proof” your brick selection at your prestart meeting. Here’s how I did it;


Pick an overall colour scheme for your home; Grey tones, Brown’s towns or Red tones? Decide what tones you want for your home exterior before attending your selection meeting. Having a colour scheme or tone will make your choice easier because it will narrow the number of bricks you will have to choose from.

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Next think about your roof, your gutters and fascia colours. Does your roof need to be a dark or a light colour? Determine if you want the roof to contrast or blend in with the bricks. What about the gutters and fascia? Would they be the same colour as the roof or would they contrast the roof? Making these decisions will not only narrow down your brick selection, but it will also help you get a clearer picture of your vision.


Now that you have your roof, gutters and fascia colours picked, its time to think about the window frames. Be sure to get samples of the window frames at prestart and place them on top of the sample of the brick you are considering. Decide whether you want the frames to pop against the brick colour or to be subtle and blend in.

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My final and bonus tip – don’t forget about your pavers! What colour will they be? What pattern do you want? What texture? Will they match the roof? the bricks or the Garage door?! Pavers are often overlooked and put in the “do it later” box. Sadly, this can end up causing major disappointed at the end of the build because not much thought was put into it earlier on. Please don’t make that mistake, make sure you think about paving when picking your bricks to “fail-proof your external selections!