Having an under-mount sink in the kitchen seems to be a very popular choice for a lot of homeowners, and I sure can see why.

Undermount sinks have a clean modern look because they sit beautifully in the stone, barely visible. They also don’t have an exposed rim or lip, allowing you to easily sweep food and crumbs into the sink without them being stuck in the edges. Cleaning these sinks is fairly easy too, which is perfect for most of us who have better things to do than scrubbing sinks.



Top mount sinks, on the other hand, are steady and practical. They have a rim around the edge that sits above the stone and isn’t hidden like the under-mount sink. I actually think this rim is the reason I love top mount sinks. It allows me to freely place hot pots on the edge of the sink without worrying about chipping or cracking my benchtop.

After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go with a top mount sink for our home. I wanted my kitchen to have that old world charm that the top mount sink adds. We got a simple sink from @ikea that had 2 large bowls, a drainer, a chopping board that fits over one bowl and of cause a colander for easy draining. All that for less than $200. Good old Ikea!


If you are building a home with a project builder, remember to look through all the inclusions your builder has added to your contract carefully because they may not be suitable for you.

When we built our home, an undermount sink was part of the inclusions from our builder but we didn’t want it because it just didn’t match the cottage vibe our home has. We politely asked our builder if they could delete their standard undermount sink from our contract and install a sink we would provide. Our builder agreed and gave us some cashback, we delivered the sink we wanted, they installed it and it was happy days for everyone!

So my friends, don’t be afraid to negotiate, upgrade or delete items from your contract that you feel you do not need.