Here’s a question to ask your self when selecting your Kitchen benchtop, WHAT TYPE OF A COOK AM I? Random? Not really, let me tell you why.

I loooooveeeee cooking. I love cooking full-on hearty meals like curries, stews, paellas, etc. So I tend to use a lot of turmeric and curry paste, very dangerous stuff for white kitchens. Another fun fact about my habits in the kitchen is that i am very LOUD!! Yep! I tend to bang pots on the benchtop, drop a lid or two, try to get a tray out of the oven with no mitten because I was too lazy to find get them, yep, I think you get the picture, I’m that “master chef” level type of cook.

Photo: Pinterest

Here’s the thing, knowing the type of cook I was, made it easy for me to select our benchtops. I definitely knew that I couldn’t have white stone benchtops because I use alot of colouring spices and drink wine while cooking. If you are like me, it’s important to know that most of the whitest white-engineered stone benchtops don’t have any resin in them. The lack of resin is what makes them pure white, but it also means that they are very porous and easily stained.

Another popular choice in benchtops is black marble. It is beautiful and elegant, but a pain to keep clean because black shows everything!!!! With my little girls in the Kitchen all the time, this option would have not worked for us either. And so after we settled for white greyish stone that has faint cloudy veins in it. We absolutely love its simple and understated tones because they worked well with our Formica seal grey cabinets and white overheads cabinets.

Photo: Thebuildingliaison

How did you select your kitchen benchtop? Are you brave and daring or a bit of a “master chef” like me? Leave me comment below; I would love to hear from you.